Unbeatable combination of blockchain technology and environmentally responsible renewable energy production

Compliant STO with transparent legal and executive structure, EU registered security token for sustainable long-term operation in renewable energy sector.


Environmentally responsible economy

Northern European approach

Windmine AG, aims to build a state of the art windpark facility near Liepaja, Latvia. The windpark will run 15 latest tech wind turbines (Enercon E-126 EP3 4MW with 86m HH) with a total capacity of 60 MW. The project has an estimated construction time of one year, annual energy output to North European power grid over 145.000 MWh and expected economically active lifespan of 25+ years.

The team behind Windmine, has taken an innovative approach to funding the project, via STO (Security Token Offering) and a token issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Token issuance is planned to be registered at Liechtenstein making it secure digital asset ensuring protection of token holder interests to the highest existing standards. WindMine AG registration number - FL-0002.605.758-7


Environmentally responsible economy

Project Scope

Windmine AG is developing a wind park on the shoreline of the Baltic sea, near to Liepaja, Latvia. Project has unbeatable superstar location – close to industrial zone of Liepaja that supplies with development opportunities and open turbine formation towards main wind currents heading from the sea which brings all main characteristics close to an offshore park performance stats, but with an onshore park building expenses.

Total installed production capacity 60MW

15 high performance Enercon E-126 EP3 4MW wind turbines

Direct connection to
Northern Europe energy grid


Corporate Structure

Token holders hold rights to dividends and buy back option from Windmine AG

Windmine AG issues security token under
ERC-20 token standard


Liechtenstein based holding
company Windmine AG


Latvia based subsidiary company -
wind park operator

Alternative revenue
streams from direct sales to industrial customers

Nord Pool

Main energy trade partner NordPool


Project checklist and timeline

  • Valid tech designs and projects for substation and wind park
  • Environmental impact asessment
  • Land lease agreement with municipality of Liepaja registered in land register
  • Valid building permit to start building
  • Pre agreements and indicative offers from tech suppliers

Project timeline

Windmine AG
1st Quarter
Initiation of
construction processes and
technology orders
2nd Quarter
PPA (power purchase
agreement) signed
3rd Quarter
Launch of production
and energy sales
2nd Quarter

Hands on the real time business performance data

Investor portal provides non stop insight in day to day operation of the project

Portal will become a centralised place for Windmine community to gather all project related updates and information as well as a tool to interact with the company. Windmine will launch blockchain powered query system in order to involve it's token holders in large scale decision making.
Once the energy production starts, production data will be accessible through the portal in nearly real time mode.

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Assessment of long term business environment

Market projections

  • Predicted production output: 145.000+ MWh per year
  • NE energy market price dynamic forecast up to 2058 indicates stable market price increase
  • Location next to industrial area provides with alternative revenue opportunities, both with industrial consumers and Windmine internal projects
Market projections graph

Area market prices

real term prices (EUR/MWh)

WindMine Team

Kaspars Zvaigzne

Founder and CEO
Entrepreneur and business development leader. Entrepreneurial and management experience in international telecommunications.

[email protected]

Kristaps Stepanovs

Co-founder and leading professional of renewable energy project development. Legal advisor and opinion leader in renewable energy sector.

[email protected]indmine.com

Māris Brieze

Financial analyst and risk management officer. More than 10 years of extensive banking and asset management experience.

[email protected]

Guntars Vempers

Highest demanded engineer in the Baltic region. Holds Dr.sc.ing degree in electrical engineering and has extensive experience in development of economical models for energy production.

[email protected]

Māris Linde

Experienced business process developer with extensive proficiency in electronics and leading position experience in top 50 EU trade companies.

[email protected]

Viesturs Brakovskis

Practicing commercial lawyer and litigator for over 10 years. Expertise in commercial transactions, international business and energy markets.

[email protected]

Cal Evans

Cal Evans is perhaps one of the very few international technology lawyers with expertise in STO compliance and strategy.

[email protected]

Kristaps Mikasenoks

Holds BCompSc degree and has 6 years of web development experience. For the past 2 years been working in the blockchain technology field, with the emphasis on security token industry.

[email protected]


Your questions answered

  • What makes Windmine different from similar wind park projects in Northern Europe?

    Windmine project has several strengths that are well described in detail in Whitepaper, but keeping it short, major advantages are: 1) obstacle free location almost on the shoreline of the Baltic sea providing near offshore windpark stats with onshore construction expenses 2) proximity to Liepaja city that allows to expand customer base among industrial energy consumers 3) long term energy price increase forecast that creates a perfect combo with growing demand of energy derived from renewable sources and strengthening energetical independence of Latvia.

  • Why is it the right time to invest in renewable energy right now?

    Despite increasingly energy efficient appliances, improved efficiency of day to day consumer goods and energy saving improvements in all sorts of production facilities, annual energy consumption rate shows steady growth. And blockchain related energy consumption increase is just to be added to that. Trying to predict the future for next decades to come it is rather easy to forecast growing importance of energy sector and energy from renewable sources will play a central role if not overtake the sector in some certain regions.

  • Why Windmine has chosen blockchain related solution to fund the project?

    At Windmine we believe in importance of efficiency. And we're creating a business project that will be producing renewable energy to supply high number of households and businesses for at least next 30 years. Blockchain has had an explosive and turbulent arrival making headlines for a couple of last years, but despite a furious start we truly believe it has potential to improve the way we make business and therefore it would be a shame for Windmine as forward looking company to not use a technology that has huge potential to define our future for many years to come.

  • At what development stage is Windmine today and what are plans for future developments?

    Project has received all required permits and certifications to start building the windpark tomorrow. Once necessary amount of funds is raised, Windmine will sign agreements with technology suppliers (Enercon for wind turbines, Siemens/ABB for substation appliances), construction and supervision partners to launch building phase of the park that is estimated to take 12-14 months until completion and putting facility into operation.

  • Who are main competitors of Windmine and what makes us better?

    Theoretically all energy producers that sell their energy on NordPool market are our competitors. Yet we have a number of advantages to consider. To begin with - Latvia uses more energy than it is able to produce. Every year approximately 2TW of energy are purchased from external sources to cover domestic consumption. Compared to any other currently operating windpark we are going to use technology that is going to be the latest, the most advanced and certainly more efficient anyone else have in the market. Our position on the shoreline of the Baltic sea positioned towards main wind currents with no existing obstacles provides us with prime location that allows to stabilize our energy output reaching over 32% average annual output from installed production capacity of 60MW. It is called “capacity factor” and is judged as a primary factor evaluating potential of powerplants, please take a further read for deeper details in our Whitepaper.