Environmentally responsible cryptocurrency mining

Every single kW of energy ever used at our mining centers will be 100% renewable energy with no negative impact on the environment

Token sale milestones

First mining facility
Energy production increase
Second mining facility
Full scale operation

Internally produced green energy

Windmine is first cryptocurrency mining project absolutely independent from external energy sources.

Democratic EU governance

Stable political and ecomomical conditions provides perfect environment for sustainable investments.

Benefits of Northern climate

Colder weathers in Northern Europe make it a logical place to situate long term mining operations.

Benefit to local community

We are not chasing cheap excess energy, we sell our unused excess green energy back to the market.

Only 100% renewable energy

Blockchain is the technology of the future and we will not power it by any fuel of the past.

Our video story

Environmentally responsible mining

Northern European approach

WindMine is on it’s way to solve one of fundamental problems of the blockchain - lessen the strains to environment caused by massive energy consumption used for crypto mining.
There are several ways to approve crypto transactions and to remain profitable.
Out of those few we choose the most sustainable one - implementing new renewable energy producing capacities, developing infrastructure that not only serves the purpose, but also provide benefits for the community outside of the blockchain.

Token holder benefits

Customer centric service provider

Once the mining centre will be ready for production, WMD token holders will be invited to purchase WindMine mining plans exclusively sold only for WMD. No other currency in the world will be able to unlock the opportunity to benefit from mining that causes no harm to the planet and still remains as efficient as conventional mining farms.
Customer satisfaction will always be our top objective.

How do you put your tokens to work

ICO crowdsale

Wind parks

Excess energy sold to national grids

Nord Pool

The leading power market in Europe


Mining centre

Retail mining plans

Balanced plan

Fair and efficient

Performance plan

All the maneuverability you need

Industrial mining plan

Industrial mining plan

Deploy your mining equipment at our locations - we provide secured space and green, inexpensive energy to keep you profitable.

WMD in major exchanges


Project timeline



Wind park project development



Token development


Marketing campaign
Start of ICO campaign


Launch of initial energy production
Subscription to mining plans begin


Initial mining equipment is up
Listed in exchanges


Mining center starts production



Full scale wind park starts production

ICO Timeline

Crowd Sale Details

Private Investment Period

Amount of WMD tokens


To be defined

Buy tokens 75% off

PRE sale

Amount of WMD tokens


To be defined

Buy tokens 50% off


Amount of WMD tokens


To be defined

Buy WMD tokens

Token Structure

Distribution of Tokens

Our token distribution model is oriented towards longevity of the project and our commitment to provide WMD token holders with an exceptional long term service. WindMine mining operations will be perfect way to put each token to work.

160 m

total supply
  • PIP sale10 000 000
  • PRE sale20 000 000
  • ICO sale30 000 000
  • Team and advisors20 000 000
  • Locked reserve80 000 000

The Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships – Michael Jordan

Kristaps Stepanovs

Leading professional of renewable enegry project development. Legal advisor and opinion leader in green energy sector.
[email protected]

Māris Brieze

Financial analyst and risk management officer. More than 10 years of extensive banking and asset management experience.
[email protected]

Kaspars Zvaigzne

Entrepreneur and business development leader. Over 10 years of international trade experience.
[email protected]

Guntars Vempers

Highest demanded engineer in the Baltic region. Holds Dr.sc.ing degree in electrical engineering and has extensive experience in development of economical models for energy production.
[email protected]

Māris Linde

Experienced business process developer with extensive knowledge in electronics and leading position experience in top 50 EU trade companies.
[email protected]

Viesturs Brakovskis

Practicing commercial lawyer and litigator for over 10 years. Expertise in commercial transactions, international business and energy markets.
[email protected]

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

Cal Evans

Cal Evans is perhaps one of the very few international technology lawyers with expertise in ICO compliance and strategy. A law graduate from London, Cal is a UK lawyer and U.S. multi-state litigation expert. Has experience working with some of the best-known technology firms in Silicon Valley. In 2015, Cal undertook his Certificate in Financial Markets from the prestigious Yale University. In 2016, Cal left a top California law firm to start Gresham International, a compliance and strategy firm specializing in the cryptocurrency space. Cal works with companies operating within the cryptocurrency world such as ICOs, currencies, funds, financial firms, crypto-media, and crypto-funds. He is regularly featured in international publications.
[email protected]

Tal Navarro

Tal is a social media expert, and a well known social media lecturer. In addition, Tal also brings extensive understanding of Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine optimization, and SEM. Navarro is also the founder of the Social Media department at the second largest advertising agency in Israel, Adler, Chomski, Varshavsky. Additionally, Tal also founded Sumo – Social Media Marketing College in Israel. Tal Navarro has helped brands and organizations effectively carry their messages to their target audience using Social Media (social networks, the blogosphere, social software, etc.), create brand awareness and use of social platforms in order to increase sales, manage the companies online community, define the company goals from social marketing and plan a long-term strategy.
[email protected]

Tim Duffy

Tim Duffy is founder and manager of Kardia Consulting, LLC - A California based blockchain development and strategy firm. He spent over twenty years in the telecommunication and IT network with a focus on environmental impact. Kardia has been at the forefront of several blockchain projects that have pushed the boundaries of AI, Blockchain, and iOT technologies.
[email protected]


Your questions answered

What makes you different from other cloud-mining operators?

We are renewable energy producer at first and mining center operator only at the second. Our business model is based on energy production that is responsible towards environment and mining operations that are transparent, customer oriented and honest towards our contributors.

What are planned locations of mining centers?

Our locations are planned to spread across Northern Europe with first two locations based in Latvia. Our expansion plan is tied to keep to promise to cause no harm to the environment mining cryptocurrencies and to stay extremely efficient serving our customers.

What cryptocurrencies will be mined?

To serve our customers delivering expected returns and to provide best in class customer experience the base of our operations will be Bitcoin related. But to our most adventurous customers we’ll be happy to provide Balanced and Performance plans mining plans allowing to choose exciting alternatives.

What will be the expected energy costs for mining?

Most important promise we give is to not use a single kWh of fossil or subsidized energy just to keep expenses low. Our engineering efforts have been focused to reach energy price levels similar to Iceland or even lower putting us on the map among the most efficient mining operators on the planet.

What exchanges will WMD be listed?

It is slightly too early to make hard promises (as we are used to keep them), but we have engaged three large names and will make announcements once the time will be right to do so.

What will be the price of your mining plans?

Prices will be published shortly after ICO is ready and WMD token holders will be invited to subscribe to their most favorite mining plan. Most important is that it will be simple – fixed price per plan and that’s it. No added energy costs, maintenance costs or any other hidden surprises. Just plain and simple price with all included. Period.

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